Monday, May 13, 2013

Have You Met Jess?

Most of you don't need an introduction, you know my brother from Forget Me Never. He is Jess Hunter of course. Loving little brother of mine has his own book now on Amazon. In conjunction with me of course! 

As some of you may have familiarized yourself with his work already for those of you that didn't have the chance yet, 'For A Hero' released a few weeks ago with Rave Reviews! Throughout most of the Summer you'll be seeing Jess on several blogs, radio shows, and hopefully soon on here as a guest Blogger. You may have noticed the introduction of 'Why We Read' from another friend of mine, but just in case you were wondering we're going to be populating the blog with a lot more posts and hopefully much more as I'd like to liven things up. You know me, can't sit still. 

For A Hero on Amazon

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