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FANTASIZE! by Sable Hunter aka Resident Problem Child

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One of my favorite times of the day is the first thirty minutes after I lie down in the bed. Sometimes I can extend it past a half hour, but if I get still, I tend to get sleepy. But those first few minutes when I lay down is my most productive time of the day. Fantasy time. My books emerge from this time, and my sex scenes are born here. And so are my orgasms! I love to fantasize. If you have read my books, you know what my fantasies are. You might not know who I’m fantasizing about. . . . but, that’s okay, I have to have some secrets. We authors put ourselves out for public examination.
Speaking for myself, reading my work is like taking a glimpse into my soul.
Let me share some of my favorite fantasies with you:
I love to be at home. And having someone here with me to share my days and my work is one of my dearest dreams. I picture a scene where we have just had supper and I’ve cleaned the dishes and he is lying on the couch watching football or a movie. When I’m through, he sits up, pats the couch and invites me to sit close. He then puts his head in my lap so I can rub his hair and his shoulder while he rests. But that’s not where it stops. Cause if he is that close, I’m going to want more. While I give him a little neck and shoulder massage, I will unbutton my shirt. And because I don’t wear underwear, things are a little easier to access. I’ve been stealing kisses on the side of his face and letting my hand wander a little farther down his back, priming him and awakening a hunger.
In my dream, he realizes there is something better going on that what’s on TV. He rolls over to face me and opens my shirt and begins to kiss my breasts. Now, I’ll admit this – straight up. I love to be touched, kissed, rubbed, played with. My breasts are so sensitive. I can cum just from this and I have many times. But one of the greatest joys, and my fantasy is – looking down and watching him suck. I want to watch his face as he take pleasure with me. I want him to open his mouth wide and suck hard. The noises of pleasure he makes, the grunts, the groans – the way he kneads my other breast as he sucks, that is the stuff that multiple orgasms are made of.
And that’s not all that’s going on – oh, no, I’ve let my hand wander and that belt buckle is loose, the zipper has been tugged down and I have found something to play with. I love to get my hands in his pants and find that he’s rock hard and weeping. I love to mold him and rub him. I want to pump him and caress him. Rubbing my thumb over the tip and finding that dewy pearl of pre-cum is a luscious moment. And the more he sucks on me, the more pleasure I’ll give him. Pumping and fisting – up and down – circular motions, a small pause so I can pay a little attention to his balls.
By this time, we’re both past excited. I’m unable to be still. My hips move back and forth in place, and I keep working my pussy, in a wishful-milking-motion. (which is what I’m doing while I fantasize – the movements are like kegel exercises but with inspiration) I can just imagine how he looks (yes, I have someone specific in mind while I fantasize) sucking at my breast, his hips lifting up as he begs for more and more. Sigh. A few minutes of that fantasy and I’m sparkling all over the place.
Oh, my goodness!
This is one of my ultimate fantasies – I call it the warm up – I wrote it into Finding Dandi. Lucas Dane is a sex therapist and here I have him helping a couple get past their hangups.
 photo findingdandimed_zps39055219.jpg
Look at this:
Lucas at Work
“I am here to help you, Lana. There is no reason you can’t enjoy your sex life.” Leaning back in his leather chair, he studied the pretty blonde woman sitting in front of him, folding and refolding the hem of her skirt. She was so nervous; there was no need to be.
“My husband is getting very put out with me. I love his touch, but it’s a vicious circle. The harder I try to please him, the more frustrated I become. He wants me to have an orgasm, and I just can’t. I’m so afraid he’s going to divorce me.” She began to cry.
This was a sad story Lucas had heard too often. Couples would experience one setback, maybe premature ejaculation or a failure to climax. This disappointment would lead to another episode, and soon the expectation to fail would spiral out of control. “Lana, your husband loves you. He told me so. Let’s get him in here, I have some suggestions for you both that I think will help, I promise.”
He pressed the call button for his secretary and asked her to send Gary Peters in to join his wife. In a few seconds the tall, sandy-haired male came in, looking extremely uncomfortable. No matter how advanced or progressive society became, people always hesitated to discuss or confess their sexual short-comings. Especially men. “Sit, please.” He motioned toward the other large wing-back chair in front of his desk.
Lucas loved sex – he craved it. Bringing a woman to orgasm was the crowning joy in his life. His chosen field of work was meant to help other people learn the satisfaction and fulfillment that only sexual intimacy can bring.
“Hi, Honey,” Lana touched her husband’s hand. He smiled back. Lucas smiled, too. He could help these people.
“Okay, I want to set your minds at ease. We can fix this. You two are very fortunate. There is an abundance of love and desire in your relationship, all we have to do is get you to relax and let it happen.”
“We try . . .” Lana began, but Lucas held up his hand.
“This is what I want you to do tonight.” They both looked at him, anxiously. “I want you to have a relaxing dinner and remind yourself why you fell in love. Laugh together, remember your wedding, or the first time you met. Hold hands on the couch. Gary, give your wife a back rub. Treat one another with respect and flirt a little bit.”
“That doesn’t sound too hard, but will it work?” Lana cut her eyes at her husband, as if asking him to back up her concern. Unfortunately, most people wanted him to prescribe a pill for what ailed them instead of admitting that the problem was one that required a change in behavior or attitude.
“I’m not finished,” he assured them. “When you get ready to go to bed, I want you to try this – Gary you sit up in the bed, leaning back against the headboard. Spread your legs and let Lana sit in between them with her back against your front.” He knew the more specific his instructions, the more inclined they would be to follow them.
“What?” Lana flushed pink and put her hands over her warm cheeks.
“It’s okay, Darling,” Gary touched her arm. “We need to try.”
“I know, I’m just embarrassed.”
“Don’t be,” Lucas sympathized. “This is a common problem, and what I’m asking you to do will work. Gary, Lana’s only role during this exercise is to feel pleasure. And your only role is to give pleasure.” He smiled at the young couple. “Of course, Gary is a man, Lana. Giving you pleasure is going to be a bigger turn-on than anything he has ever experienced.”
“God, that sounds good,” Gary groaned and Lana blushed anew.
Lucas continued with his directions. “While Lana is relaxing against you, Gary, what I want you to do, is to begin to touch her. Rub her shoulders and arms. Kiss her neck, put your hands on her breasts and massage them. Take her nipples between your fingers and play with them.”
“Hell,” Gary groaned. Even Lana leaned forward, hanging on his every word.
“Lana, you turn your head and seek his lips. If something feels good, let him know. Whimpers and moans of pleasure, compliments to one another – all of these things will fuel your desire.”
“Sounds like it.” Gary agreed.
“When Lana is unable to be still in your arms, you’ll know she is aroused. Slip your hand between her legs and massage her vulva. Rub her clit around and around – don’t worry about trying to penetrate her, just focus on making her feel wonderful.” He left it there. If it worked like he thought it would, Lana would be brought to orgasm and beg her husband to make love to her.
“We’ll try it now!” Gary stood up and held out his hand. He was anxious to get home, and from the bloom in Lana’s cheeks – she was anxious to join him. Lucas watched them leave, wishing he had someone waiting at home for him. One day, one day he would.
Oh, I have other fantasies that I mull over. Being the filling in a cowboy sandwich, up against the wall, and on and on. Fantasizing is healthy. And it sure is an important part of my job. Speaking of jobs – being a romance writer is just about the best career one could ever hope for. I get to dream and create worlds and fantasize and meet wonderful people who enjoy the same things I do.
If you will comment, and tell me what your fantasy is we can just giggle with each other and I’ll give away two copies of this book to a random commenter.
I hope you enjoy it.
“I don’t like this; I don’t like it at all.” Dandi had no more than stepped out of the crocodile enclosure than he had nabbed her.
“What? I had to put the baby back,” she had been introducing a group of fifth graders to their newest edition to the Gharial family. The endangered species was one Beau was breeding for preserves around the world. “Indy had the parents distracted with some chicken carcasses.”
Lucas fumed; his whole body seemed to be expanding with each breath. “How do you think I feel watching you risk life and limb over and over? You are my soft, precious woman and I’d much rather you were at home planning parties or baking cookies where it’s safe.”
He did not just say that?!? Dandi wheeled on him and got right in his face. She glanced around to make sure no one noticed, but she could not let this pass. “I have a job. I’m good at my job. I do not take risks. I’m not the society type, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then you might as well look elsewhere.”
To hell with that, “I don’t have to look elsewhere. You’re exactly what I need.”
Dandi snorted. “I wouldn’t believe that unless I read it on the front pages of the Times Picayune.”
“One of these days, you just might.” Lucas wasn’t mad, but he was frustrated. What did he have to do to convince her? She acted like part of her remembered the past. Maybe what they went through was so traumatic to her that it had bruised her soul.
Dandi wasn’t through. “I appreciate your concern, but if you think you’re going to keep me at home barefoot and pregnant, then you are in for a surprise!”
The fire in her eyes didn’t make him angry, it just turned him on. Yea, he was overreacting, but he couldn’t help it. So far today, he had watched her handle a python about the same size as she was. He had watched her climb on the back of an alligator and hold its snout down while Rick had taped its mouth and now, she had ventured into the enclosure with a pair of man-eating crocodiles who looked big enough to swallow a small car. What she said did give him hope, however. “Barefoot and pregnant? Does that mean you’re considering moving in with me?”
Realizing what she had assumed, she blushed. “I don’t recall being asked, and I’m not sure what my answer would be if I were,” she pushed on his big mountain of a body. But he didn’t budge.
“You have an open invitation. What did you think I meant when I told you I had created my world for you? I picked that house out for you. I chose the colors of the carpet and the walls and the furniture based on what you had told me you preferred. I changed my will to make you and Lucy beneficiaries. I have lived the life of a damn monk in the hope that I would find you again. Do you know I haven’t had sex since the last time I slept with you?”
Dandi was floored. “I had no idea.” How do you respond to something like that? He had prepared a home for her? She knew he had put Lucy in his will, but he had included her also? But both of those things together weren’t as surprising as the fact he had not made love with anyone – he was waiting for her. She gave the only response she could. She threw herself in his arms and wrapped herself so tightly around him he couldn’t breathe. “You don’t have to wait any longer. I’m ready. Love me.”

Lucas twirled her around. “It’s about damn time,” he snarled, playfully. “I do love you, and I’d be more than happy to illustrate that concept when we can sneak away to somewhere private.”
“I’m through for the day; let’s go to the tree house.” She grabbed his hand and started pulling.
“You don’t have to work so hard, I’m very willing,” he laughed, picking up his pace to keep up with her.
“Sorry, I’m nervous, but you’ll help me.”
Her confidence touched him. “Help you? Baby, I’d turn the world upside down for you.” Beau’s wildlife compound was filled with people, and she wound in between them, leading him just like she had through the crowd at Tonga. That seemed like a lifetime ago, and their circumstances had completely changed. Yet Lucas knew this was meant to be – there wasn’t a shadow of doubt in his mind. Their destinies were intertwined. When he considered the way they met – the way she came back into his life – none of it was by chance. Someone, somewhere was looking out for them.
He paid no attention to the scenery, the calls of the wild birds did not draw his gaze, when an acquaintance called his name he did not even acknowledge them. His entire being was zeroed in on this small woman who not only led him by the hand, but also with an invisible string she had tied around his heart.
They left the compound proper and started down a narrow path toward the bayou. He wondered if they were headed the right way, until he saw the house peeping through the trees. “Christ!” LeBlanc had built an amazing structure. It seemed to be a natural part of the landscape. The house looked like it had taken root and grown in the bayou. Made of cypress, it was constructed high on stilts, hugging the massive trees with decks and stairways and docks that meandered around the trees and down to the water. “I can’t wait to see the inside. Especially the bed.”
“We’re using the guestroom; it’s where I stay when I come over. I think it’s better than the master bedroom.”
“Does Beau have any resident reptiles that I need to know about?”
“No, it’s safe, but you don’t have to worry. I’ll protect you,” she teased. He swatted her playfully on the butt, and thanked God for all one hundred ten pounds of her. They walked up the stairs and onto the front gallery, she unlocked the door but they didn’t go in. Instead they stood for a few moments and took in the bayou, the dark green waters that moved lazily by. Cranes swooped in and fish jumped. The view was out of this world. “There’s nothing more beautiful than the swamp. Some people are afraid of it, but I find it to be a sanctuary.”
Lucas drew her back against him. “I want to be your sanctuary. Make love with me.” He picked her up and she directed him to their hideaway. Dandi’s room was something out of a fantasy. “Did you design this?”
“Yes, I stayed here with Beau when I first came back, before he built my little apartment.” A queen size canopy bed stood in the center of a room done all in white. It looked to be constructed of mahogany and was covered with silken drapes that created a private haven for them. “I’m scared,” she confessed, cupping the side of his dear face. “I’m going to disappoint you.”
“Let me tell you something,” he placed her on the bed and sat down beside her, pushing her hair over her shoulders, caressing the skin of her neck. “We’ve had this conversation before, but I will tell you again. Your pleasure is my responsibility and when you receive pleasure, so do I. So, all I ask is that you place yourself in my hands and let me love on you.”
Her answer was to unbutton her shirt. “This feels like my first time.”
“It will be better than our first time, I promise you.” Slowly, he began to undress her, skimming her jeans down her curvaceous legs. Nothing would do but that he had to stop and pay homage to the silken skin on the back of her knees. He held her leg up and kissed the curve of her calf and licked the tiny beauty mark next to her knee. “I’ve missed you, so.” His body was throbbing; it had been so damn long.
“I think I’ve missed you, too. Sometimes in the night, I would reach out for someone – I didn’t know who, but I was always disappointed that you weren’t there.”
“Sit up; let me get this shirt off.” He peeled away the layers, unfastening her bra. Hot Damn! “You’re bigger.” He feasted his eyes on her delectable tits. “Did you breast-feed?” The reality of what he had missed hit him.
Dandi tried to cover herself with her hands, but he was right, she was bigger. “Yes, I have stretch marks.”
“I don’t care, you’re perfect.” He pushed her hands away, “I want to see all of you. Any evidence that you have borne my child would be precious to me.” The tight peaks of her nipples made his mouth water.
As he eased down next to her, she cuddled into him. God, he smelled good – all woodsy and male. She splayed her fingers across his chest, letting her fingertips dance over the hard planes and the smattering of soft hair around his nipples. “You are so sexy.”
“Ha!” he laughed, “I’m glad you think so.”
Dandi felt emboldened. “You are,” she laid her head on his chest, loving the steady beating of his heart. Could this man belong to her? The thought made her shiver, and when she did, he cradled her closer. Wanting to touch him, she let her fingers dance over his abdomen as she draped one of her thighs over his, showing him, without words, her willingness to be vulnerable to him.
“Do you know what you’re doing to me?” His voice had dropped an octave, husky with emotion and need.
Looking up at him with a twinkle in her eye, she admitted. “Not really, I’m sorta winging it.”
“I am yours, I always have been.” The look in his face, the love in his voice – it was her undoing. He caressed her arm, seeming to wait for some type of a signal from her.
“It seems impossible,” but she wanted it to be true. Her body quivered, waiting for his touch. Her clit pulsed and cream began to gather in her throbbing pussy as her body made itself ready for him. Years had come and gone since she had known his touch, but now her whole being clamored to be possessed by his – to remember.
“We’ll go slow, and you can tell me when something feels good.” Dandi held on to his shoulders as he kissed her collarbone. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as his tongue traced the underside of her breast. “Velvet, you are soft as velvet,” he whispered sweet words that made her quiver. When his warm mouth enclosed her nipple and began to suck, she whimpered a moan of gratitude. She pushed the curtain of blonde hair back from his face so she could watch him suckle hungrily at her flesh. Seeing the ecstasy on his face was almost as erotic as the pleasure he was giving her.
Dandi caressed his head, working her fingers through his hair as he made his tantalizing journey from one nipple to the next. “This feels amazing,” her whole body was in tune with every pull of his lips, her pussy was opening and closing, her hips were dipping into the mattress as she simulated the movements they would make if he were making love to her. Lucas plumped her breasts, pushing them together, molding them, rubbing one nipple as he sucked the other. She tried to isolate each gift he gave her – the deep draws, the nips, swirling his tongue round and around her areola – all of it was so good it made her body weep. She was more than ready to be taken.
As his lips left her breasts to feather their way up to her collarbone, he talked to her. His words were as satisfying as his loving. “You’ll never know how much I’ve longed for you. I don’t regret one day I’ve waited for you; there is no one in this world that I love as much as you. If I had to wait an eternity for you, it would have been worth it.” It began to dawn on Dandi exactly what their relationship was – it was serious. Lucas wasn’t playing with her, he was devoted to her.
“Lucas, I didn’t realize. I didn’t understand.” She would have continued her explanation, but what he was doing didn’t allow for something so mundane as thinking. He settled between her thighs and began slide his lips down from her breasts, past her belly button, and Dandi began to pant as she saw where he was headed. Her whole body seemed to sing with anticipation.
“Do you want this? Do you want me to kiss your pussy?” His hand caressed her body, wandering from her waist to her breast – playing with her nipple as he licked and nipped on her lower abdomen – just hinting at the joy to come.
“Yes, I want it – I want you.” She lifted her hips, trying to get him to move faster, but he took his time, licking the top of her thigh – staying just inches away from where she needed him most. Dandi was panting, her clit was throbbing and she was afraid she might cum before she ever got to feel the heaven of him kissing her pussy. “Lucas, please!”
One lick – one touch – one lap – that was all it would take and she would explode in a firestorm of bliss. “Watch me, Dandi. Watch me love you. Look into my eyes, let me see everything you’re feeling.” Soft kisses, tiny licks – he teased her, staying just above her wet slit. His warm breath provided a little relief, but not enough. She shuddered, she writhed, she strained to open as wide for him as possible. His fingers gently soothed over her mons, appreciating the bare flesh she had prepared for him in hopes he would do exactly what he was doing.
At last. Lucas took his fingers and opened her up, as if for his delectation. He groaned. “You are so beautiful, so soft and pink. I love that you’re swollen and wet. That means you want me. Don’t you?”
“Yes, damn you!” She ran her fingers through his hair, which hung like a silken curtain across her thighs.
He smiled; he had her right where he wanted her – on the edge. Pushing one finger into her tender little hole, he gloried when she bucked off the bed. Splaying his hand over her middle, he held her down and gave her what they both needed. Lucas began to kiss and lick, pressing his tongue inside of her, mimicking the movements his cock was demanding. Sliding upward, he tickled her clit, tonguing the little nubbin until Dandi was thrashing her head, the tension in her body rising to a crisis level. Cream began to flow from her body and he lapped it up. She sobbed and begged, “Lucas, my God, please, please!”
With all the skill he possessed, he ate at her pussy, sucking her clit, worshiping her in the most intimate way a man can. Dandi wailed as her climax came, she arched her back almost double, but Lucas held her down and continued to lave and suck, ensuring that she rode the crest of ecstasy just as long as possible. When it was over, he kissed her tenderly all along the crease of her thighs, all along the faint mark of her C-section, bringing her down until she was a sated and soft armful for him to hold.
He moved up and lay down beside her, stroking her waist and pressing soft kisses on her face. “Does any of that bring back memories?”
She wished she could tell him that it did, but she couldn’t. Instead, she offered him something better. “You’re making me love you. I tried to hold out because I wanted to recall the old feelings, but I don’t have to, what I feel now is just as powerful and just as good.”
“I agree,” he collared her neck; she knew he could feel her heartbeat under his palm.
When he kissed her deeply, Dandi could taste herself on his lips and tongue and excitement began to build again. Feeling between them, she stroked his hot, huge cock through his pants. “Can I see you, now?”
“Yes, but I have to be honest. If I don’t get inside of you soon, it’ll all be over with.” Lucas was desperate to cum inside of her. He had been waiting too long. Quickly, he shed his pants and underwear and lay back for her to look her fill.
Dandi sat up and stared at him in wonder. With a gentle tentative touch, she grazed his steel-hard shaft with her fingers, even skating down to cup and weigh his balls. When he shut his eyes and moaned, she smiled. His response to her made her feel powerful. That she could cause this magnificent man to shudder was a dream come true. “You are impressive,” she admitted as she stroked him, passing her thumb over the leaking tip end. “I know this all fits inside of me, but I don’t see how.”
“I’ll be glad to show you.” Knowing he couldn’t wait any longer, he pulled her down and drank from her lips, working her breast in his palm.
Dandi was ready; she wanted to know what it was like to take him inside of her body. She wrapped her arm around his shoulder and hooked a leg over his waist, trying to rub her pussy on his cock.
“Are you still on the pill?”
“Just got back on it last week.”
He snorted. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”
“You do that. It is.”
“So, I don’t have to wear a condom?”
“No, no, I want to feel you – all of you.”
“Damn, yes,” he rose over her and she ate him up with her eyes, he was larger than life and all hers. Hooking her knees over his arms, he opened her up and pulled her to him. Dandi was trembling with need, she couldn’t take her eyes off his face and the love she could see shining in his eyes was the icing on the cake for her. When she felt the head of his cock probe at the gate of her pussy, she lifted her ass and tried to impale herself.
“Easy, baby, easy,” Lucas had to maintain control; he was just too near to exploding. Pushing into her, he flexed his hips, working his way into her tight channel. Merciful Heaven! It was like nothing he had ever felt. Maybe it was the endless longing, the months of aching, the nights of dreaming of this moment – but as he slid his cock into her wet heat, Lucas gasped. “God, you are so tight, so lush.”
Dandi whimpered. “It’s so good.”
Good was an understatement, it was heaven. Trying to make the rapture last as long as possible, he rocked his hips with a gentle thrusting motion. Beneath him, Dandi wasn’t still, she met his thrusts, her sheath holding his cock tightly as a glove.
Lucas’s cock was unbelievably thick and there was no part of her that was not caressed and rubbed. She had no idea she could feel so full, or that full could be so wonderful. With every push into her, he tilted his pelvis and the friction was out of this world. She held on to his forearms, her nails raking into his skin. “Harder, baby!” she begged. “Give it to me harder!”
Lucas pushed her legs back against her body – opening her up even farther. Angling his hips, he searched for that one spot guaranteed to make her scream. Pulling all the way out, he slid back in – again and again – hammering into her until she clamped down on him, keening her pleasure as her control shattered and a zillion points of light flashed through her mind and body. “LUCAS!!”
Holding her sweet ass, he didn’t let up, but continued to pound until he came, his whole body vibrating with pure ecstasy. His cock pulsed with her, but still he ground his hips against her loving the way his cum shot out of his cock and bathed her in his seed.
Dandi kept cumming, she couldn’t stop, the aftershocks persistent and powerful. All she could do was hold on to him and enjoy. A sense of complete bliss and awe washed over her. “Hold me,” she requested.
“Gladly,” he rolled onto his back and took her with him. “Are you all right?”
“Better,” was all she had the strength to say.
He’d take that. It was a damn good start.

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