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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Hello everything. Martin Crosbie  invited me to participate. If you haven’t read his MY TEMPORARY LIFE, you really need to. It is a bestselling novel that amassed many 5 star reviews and brought its author much recognition. He is about to release the sequel and I, for one, can hardly wait. By the way – the book title is – MY NAME IS HARDLY.

I would like to introduce you to my newest work.

You can find it in the book section of my website.

Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing:

What is the working title of your book?

The title of my new book is “I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS”.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I’ll See You In My Dreams is the fifth installment in the Hell Yeah! series. As I write the story of the McCoy family and their friends, the individual characters begin to haunt me, I guess you could say. They each have a story to tell and Zane being blind and wanting to be loved just tugged at my heart, so he got his own book. His heroine, Presley, isn’t perfect either. But Zane sees only beauty, for he looks at her through the eyes of love. It’s a touching story and also has more on the McCoy family and lots of hot sex. Ha! 

What genre does your book fall under?

My book is an erotic romance – a full length romance with laughter and tears and plot twists, but it takes you behind the bedroom door.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? –

Zane is gorgeous – dark hair, scruff of sexy beard and a body to die for . . . . let me see – I would ask Joe Manganiello to star as Beau and Presley would be played by Sarah Shahi of Fairly Legal fame.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Zane Saucier is a cowboy, a horse whisperer, a brilliant attorney - and he's blind. Nothing seems beyond his reach, but love. Presley has a mountain of her own to climb; she's not perfect either, but she does teach Zane one valuable lesson: no eye sees as clearly as the heart.

More than one sentence – I know – but – oh well.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

This book will be self-published. I have 7 traditionally published and 7 self-published. I like to have control.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I write fast, as long as I’m in the right frame of mind. The first draft of “I’ll See You In My Dreams” took two months to complete.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

My Hell Yeah! series is similar to Lorelei James’ books.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

What inspired me to write this book was a young girl that I knew who had a cleft lip. I saw how reticent she was to meet anyone’s gaze and how she was always left to one side. After I had created Zane’s character, I thought how special it would be if he fell in love with someone who thought they were unlovable and then let him make her feel like the most special woman in the world.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

I have included the McCoy’s of Tebow ranch and their ups and downs in this story, especially Aron’s disappearance. There is also the introduction of a group of new characters who will enrich the series. Since Zane is blind, it gave a whole different perspective to everything – I had to use his other senses, it made the sex really challenging to write.

Zane also has a guide dog and a guide horse – so I worked in the cowboy angle. He raises registered cattle and shelters abused horses. I fell in love with Zane.

Here’s an excerpt - - 

Presley dressed for Zane. She knew it didn’t make any sense, but she did. Today, she wore her version of a power suit she had purchased at a second-hand store. It was appropriate office attire, but she felt comfortable in it. The pants were linen and the top was silk. Presley preferred feminine clothes with soft lines and softer fabrics. With her coloring, she usually chose jewel tones. A short jacket completed her deep blue ensemble. As usual, she avoided looking in the mirror. Even when she put on make-up, she glanced up or concentrated on just one feature at a time. Pink lip gloss was her only choice of make-up for her mouth, anything that would draw attention to her problem was avoided – so no bright colors, just the barest hint of pink.

What would today bring? She had spent a couple of hours the night before reading everything she could find about Zane online; about his family, about the firm and the cases they had handled. She had felt respect for the man, before – but now she felt awe. Time after time he had taken on people’s problems, represented the underdog, stood between hopeless situations and lost causes. She knew there were some people who practiced law to make money – and apparently he did, but he had high standards and a big heart and Presley wanted to be a part of his life so bad she could taste it.

But she also saw photo after photo of him with beautiful women hanging on his arm. Just this past weekend he had been a part of the McCoy wedding held at Tebow Ranch. Everyone knew who the McCoys were – and everyone was beginning to know the Saucier brothers. Zane wasn’t married, but it was obvious he could have any woman he wanted. So what would he want with her?

Zane would never want her for her looks or be attracted to her – but he could need her. So as Presley prepared for her second day of work at Saucier and Barclay, she prepared to make herself indispensable to one handsome lawyer with a heart of gold.

When she arrived at the office, it was a little different than the day before. Presley didn’t wait to be shown in, nor did she linger at the front desk, rather she went right into the big boss’ inner sanctum – just like she belonged. Without hesitation, she threw herself into the task. Glancing through his calendar, she got everything ready.

Looking around the office, she checked everything out. His computer was on. His water pitcher was full. The blinds were cracked at just the angle she had noticed they were at yesterday. What else? Presley’s eyes roved the room – ah, the ivy! Yesterday she had noticed it and wondered whose responsibility it was to keep it watered. As no one had – she supposed it might be hers. It was a beautiful display and very real as she could tell from the one or two partially yellowed leaves. Finding a watering can, she pulled a chair over near the window. A shelf over the top held the spreading green vine. But it was high – and she had on high heels. So she had to be careful.

Stretching up, she almost had it. Dang! If she were only a little taller, biting her lip, Presley gave it everything she had – and slipped. “Ratz!” she squealed and tumbled backwards – right into Zane Saucier’s arms.

“Gotcha!” He had walked in and after listening for a few seconds, he had known exactly what she was doing. But instead of scaring her, he had placed himself near in case she fell. Talk about something being in the right place at the right time! Now, he didn’t have to wonder what kind of body Miss Presley had, because he held it to his own – intimately. Not being able to see, he had grasped her wherever he could to ensure she hadn’t slipped to the hard floor. One hand splayed over her lower abdomen, her hips ground back into his groin. The other hand cupped one luscious breast like it was made for it – and perhaps it had been – because Zane had never known anything that had felt so right. She was soft, curvy, rounded in all the right places – Miss Presley Grace Love was the perfect armful. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” Presley managed to whisper. “I’m sorry, I landed on you.”

“I’m not, I’m glad I was here to catch you.” And he wasn’t letting her go very fast. Her breathing was fast and shallow. Zane did move his hands to slightly less conspicuous spots; he had no intention of embarrassing her. But he did enjoy the feel of her in his arms. “You shouldn’t have climbed up there like that, it’s dangerous. We have people to water the plants with long wands and proper tools.”

“Sorry,” she managed to apologize. “I thought I was helping.”

“It’s okay, no harm done. I’m just glad I walked in at just the right moment.” He had to smile; she just made him happy. And he needed that. The last twenty-four hours had been full of nothing but worry. First the brucellosis scare had thrown him for a loop and then had come the run-in with the cougar. Rex was going to be okay, but the vet had insisted on keeping him for a day for stitches and antibiotics, and then he would probably need some recuperation time. There had been no life-threatening injuries, but the lab had come away with some deep scratches and a few bite marks. So for the first time in a long time, Zane was having to get around on his own with one of the despicable canes that Margaret had hated so.

“Me, too,” she conceded. Letting out a deep breath, it occurred to her that she hadn’t moved. She was still lounging in his arms like she was at home, there. Good grief! What he must be thinking! “Sorry,” she managed to begin pulling her body away from his. It was hard. She felt entirely too comfortable there. “I need to move.”

“Quit apologizing. Holding you wasn’t a hardship.”

Presley blushed. Zane couldn’t see, thank goodness.

Stepping back, she noticed Zane’s tie was crooked. “May I?” she touched his chest. “Your tie needs straightening.”

“Okay,” he readily agreed. “I thought I was all spiffed up.”

He held up his head and stood still while she rearranged and tightened it a bit. Being this close to him made her quiver. There was no doubt in her mind that her head would rest naturally against his chest. At this angle, Presley could gaze at his face – the strong jaw, the kissable cleft in his chin. “Smile for me,” she requested before thinking.

“Why?” he asked but he smiled and she had to laugh a bit.

“I knew it. You have dimples,” and she touched the one on the right side with her index finger.

“Turn-about is fair play; let me touch your face so I can ‘see’ you.”

He lifted his hands and Presley panicked. “No!” she almost shouted and backed up, catching her heel on the leg of a chair and sitting down hard.

“Presley!” Zane bent over and held out his hand, feeling for her. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” she said with a resigned embarrassed tone. “I just landed hard on my bottom. I’m fine.”

“I didn’t mean to frighten you; I wouldn’t hurt you for the world.”

He sounded so contrite that Presley felt ashamed. “It wasn’t you, I’m . . .” The phone rang and she breathed a sigh of relief – saved by the bell. “Let me get that, excuse me.” She jumped up and went for the phone.

“Hello?” she asked breathlessly.

Zane was a bit confused. Her reaction to his request to touch her had been so unexpected.


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Dirk Tyler & Kameron Brook

Kameron and Dirk, a passionate couple in and out of the bedroom, have decided to join forces and bring their erotic imagination to life with words. Their solo stories are electric; however, the works they create together will practically sizzle off the page. Yes, they might live in a quiet suburban neighborhood, but they’re anything but tame or mundane, a fact you shall read and learn about soon enough.

Sable: It is my privilege today to interview and introduce you to Kameron Brooke. She is married to the love of her life, Dirk Tyler. And I want them to tell their story in their own words.

Sable: Tell us a little bit about yourself and Dirk. When did you start writing?

Kam: Dirk and I have been married for 14 years but together for 17. We have two wonderful children who monopolize much of our free time, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We didn’t start writing until a couple of years ago. He was the first one to submit and get published. “Voyeur” was an instant hit. After much thought, I took his advice and decided to submit a story of my own. “Girls’ Night Out” was picked up on the first try and has become a lesbian best seller.

After we both had one story under our belt by the same publisher, the owner asked if we’d consider collaborating on one. She said we sounded so much alike and knew it’d be a hit. We discussed it at length and said, “What the hell, let’s go for it.” We pondered ideas and “New Beginnings” was created.

S: Do you write together or separate and how does your writing styles differ?

K: For the most part, we write together now. The only exception is when a F/F story idea comes to mind.  Those usually come to me, not him. We do prefer to write as a team though. It keeps the fires burning to discuss and possibly act out certain sections.

S: Tell us about your favorite of the books you have written?

K: I loved writing them all; however, “Girls’ Night Out” will always have a soft spot in my heart. Neeka and Emily gave me my first break into the publishing world.

S: What are your writing habits? (I write from a recliner most of the time)

K: I’m usually sitting cross-legged on the sectional with Dirk’s robe on….just like now. 

S: Who has been your favorite character that you’ve created?

K: Emily is my favorite because I’m truly a fan of yoga. I try to keep my body limber with a few poses several nights a week.

S: Do you have a philosophy of life?

K: Do what you love and do it often because if you don’t, you’ll always wonder what if. When I’m on my last breath, I don’t want to think “Damn, why didn’t I do such and such.”

S: Where can we find you – blogs, links, facebook?


Facebook Author page:

(Goodreads' links):


S: My writing is mostly fantasy except for the insecurities and the humor. How much does your writing reflect your lifestyle?

K: Dirk and I incorporate real life experiences into each story. We never divulge which parts are true though. We also attempt to include some humor into each story because we feel couples who laugh together, stay together.

S: What’s your favorite thing to eat in the whole world?  How about Dirk?

K: Oh my goodness, Taco Bell all the way! I joke all the time I’m writing to earn enough money for my own franchise. Dirk, he loves pizza and a good burger with an egg on it.

S: What would your dream vacation be like?

K: I’d love to spend a month traveling Europe.

S: I intend to write a ménage someday and call it DOUBLE TROUBLE. Can you tell us your views of ménage and what you consider to be the benefits of a lifestyle that offers such luscious adventure?  Also tell us about a ménage story you’ve written.

K: Our latest story, “Welcome to the Neighborhood” was in fact a ménage. It’s about two men, Miguel and Whit, who are in a relationship together but are both eyeing their neighbor, Meaghan. We wrote the story because we are open to others being in the bedroom with us. Now ménage isn’t for everyone. A couple must have a strong relationship because jealousy can be a bitch. It can destroy a partnership. My advice to those looking to step into this lifestyle - really discuss with your partner what each is seeking, fears they might have, and lay out ground rules so no feelings/hearts are broken.

Rule examples:

No sex with the third person unless the both partners are present, condoms worn at all times, and STD screenings. 

Yes, Dirk and I believe in safety first – pleasure second.

S: Where can we find your books?

“Voyeur” – Dirk : Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Are, and Changeling Press.

“Girls Night Out- Kam: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Are, and Changeling Press.

“New Beginnings” – Dirk and Kam collaboration: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Are, and Changeling Press.

“Welcome to the Neighborhood” - Dirk and Kam collaboration: Only at Changeling Press (for now)

S: I dream of being in a submissive lifestyle. Tell us how BDSM affects your writing?

K: We haven’t written a story entailing that lifestyle yet. It’s on our writing wish list though. As for us personally, Dirk is the dominant one unless another woman is involved. Then, I’m usually the dominant one. It’s more of getting her comfortable before he joins us. 

S: What kind of music turns you on? Do you play music while you write?

K: I listen to everything from classic rock to swing. The only thing that kills my writing mood is country. Sorry to those who like it. No disrespect intended. It’s just not my cup of tea.

S: I’m an animal person. Do you have a pet? And if you do what kind is it?

K: We have one VERY fat cat, Chester. Yes, he was named after the chip. 

S: Where do you see your writing career this time next year? Do you have any plans that we should know about?

K: I hope to have a couple more stories under our belt with plans to meet fans at a couple events. What I would love to see is Dirk and I to attend an event and someone ask for our autograph. Since we don’t have print books out yet, we would gladly sign breasts or an ass. (hairless, of course)

S: Is there anything else that we need to know about Dirk and Kam?

K: We are simple, ordinary people who live a quiet life until the kiddos go to bed. Then, we unleash our naughty side in and out of the bedroom. God, our neighbors have no clue who they are living by and that just cracks us the hell up.

S: Please share with us a list of your books, covers, and an excerpt or two.

K: Sure!

Contact info:


Facebook Author page:

(Goodreads' links):



 “New Beginnings” (MF) Dirk Tyler and Kameron Brook

Eileen and Mitch have a happy marriage, but they've decided it's time to spice things up. Ashley and Travis seem like the perfect match.


(Purchase link)







While Eileen and Mitch lay together in bed, their hunger sated for the moment, Eileen thought it was time to mention a fantasy she had yet to fulfill. Her fingernail, a kaleidoscope of shimmering colors, drew lazy circles around Mitch's nipple. "Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a threesome?"


Mitch's fingers meticulously worked through Eileen's tangled locks. The strands proved stubborn, just like his insatiable wife. "With another woman, or a man?"


Eileen smiled against Mitch's chest, both at his question and at the hardened nipple. "Either, actually."


"I've thought about it on more than one occasion. The thought of watching your mouth buried between the legs of a curvy brunette or redhead has given me several wet dreams. Hell, babe, it's almost enough to get me hard right now," Mitch said with a devilish grin.


Eileen lifted the sheet that barely covered Mitch's cock and laughed. "Almost enough? Sweetie, your cock is almost at full mast, which I'll happily take advantage of right now." Slowly drawing her leg across Mitch's midsection, she rubbed the crown of his dick against her clit, enticing her sex and preparing it to take his full bounty. "So what about adding another man into the mix? Have you dreamed of this type of ménage a trois?"


Mitch felt his cock coming back to life. With his wife, it only took a look, a single touch, and the blood directed its course from his brain to his dick. Even though he'd emptied his cum into her a few minutes before, his body was revved and ready to go another round. Hell, if she massaged his cock any longer between her slick lips, he wouldn't last two minutes once he sank into her warm pussy. "Eileen, stop teasing my cock and ride me, already. You're killing me here."


She ground her mound against his dick, lubricating it with the juices still dripping out. "Will you answer me, then?" she retorted with a smile.


Mitch's face strained to hold in the excitement from the feeling of her arousal moistening his dick. He tried to shift his thoughts to sports, movies, work -- anything to help keep his load from spilling prematurely. He tightened his grip on her hips, attempting to push them lower. "Yes, yes, fuck yes, anything to get that hot pussy on my cock."


Rising up, she teased his cock with the opening to her pussy, then sank down hard. She continued this torturous move to let Mitch know what he'd be missing if he reneged on his promise.


Eileen worked her hips in slow, tight circles. The motion was torturing her as much as him, but she wouldn't allow herself to increase her speed until he started talking. "You better start spilling or I'll be tempted to hop off and pleasure myself in front of you as punishment for welching on our deal."


Mitch placed a firm hand behind her neck and pulled her chest to his. Holding her there, he whispered into her ear, his voice trembled as he began to disclose his oldest and most personal secret to his lover...

S: Thank you so much. I look forward to getting to know you well.

K: I had a great time answering your questions and look forward to our next chat session. Mucho love and thanks!