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Author Musings and Poetry Interview

Mimi:  As a sometime blogger who basically posts my own short stories, poems, and essays/articles, plus the occasional author interviews, I can count on one hand my few very defining moments and this is one of them. An interview with erotic romance author Sable Hunter.
Where do I start? Sable is one of the few authors who writes in three subgenres of erotic romance: western, contemporary, and paranormal.
Mona:  Also, Sable Hunter has written, as far as I’m aware, around twenty-one books and, if you’re interested in knowing this, she has received over 500 reviews of those books. As you can see, she’s not new at writing…or at being interviewed.
Mimi:  So, what the heck do we ask someone who’s been interviewed as many times as a celebrity? I definitely have a couple of questions based on what I know about Sable. The others are those I ask just out of curiosity. So, let me introduce you to Sable Hunter.
Mimi:  Hi, Sable. Hope your Monday is going better than Sunday. In case anyone wonders what I mean, her computer went tits up on her yesterday.
You know, many people are probably smiling knowing you are on my blog today. Can you tell us a little bit about your current passion? What is your latest book and where can our readers go to buy it?
 Sable:  Thank you, Mimi and Mona. It is a pleasure to be with you. I stopped short when you asked me my current passion, I could give you his name – but, I won’t. Ha!
I love to write. It consumes me.
The marketing is necessary, but I delegate that out as much as possible.
I love to talk to other authors and their readers. I have met some of the dearest friends in my life in this manner, and our paths would never have crossed any other way.
My latest book is FINDING DANDI and you can find it on Amazon. Here is the link, if you’d like to look.
Mona:  Before we go any further, did you have something you want to tell us about Jess Hunter?
Sable:  Jess is my heart. We are close. We are not only siblings, we are best friends. He is smart, way smarter than me. And he’s deep and philosophical and grounded and sometimes when he talks to me, he makes my head hurt (ha!) because he sees the world so much differently than I do.
Jess is talented in many ways. He is articulate, in person and on paper. I knew he would either be a lawyer, a politician, an actor or a writer. And I’m grateful he decided to be a writer, because the possibilities are endless for him. Jess, like me, is not a 9 to 5 person. We are night owls and our internal clocks don’t function like everyone else. Maybe it’s the New Orleans nightlife, I don’t know.  He loves to work out and he loves video games and superheroes, which all sounds youthful – but he approaches those things with discipline and an insight into how they can make him even a better person. Jess is very considerate of me. No matter where he is, he calls me at 10 pm, because he knows I worry. And he manages me, he edits my work and he keeps me straight – which is no easy task.
Mimi:  Sable, one of the things that people love about you on Facebook is that you are not like many authors who don’t give people with less than 10 friends or followers the time of day. You always seem to reply regularly. How do you stay so grounded in the madcap world of writing and publishing?
Sable:  Well, Mimi, I am alone most of the time. My readers are my friends. I appreciate that they have taken a risk and bought my books. I value their time, their opinions and I enjoy them. I write for myself, but I also feel a connection and a responsibility to those who read my work. I try to respond to everyone and show my appreciation, and I love to learn about my readers and find out what we have in common. After all, I have given them a glimpse into my heart and soul. I pour myself into my books. Whoever reads them gets a good look at me. All of my insecurities, foibles, funny stories, sadness – all of me is poured into the books. So, they know me – and I can’t wait to get to know the readers. They are more than customers, they are part of my family.
Mona:  Besides writing and your family, you have been known to take interest in the supernatural and have gone ghost hunting; can you tell us a little bit about those interests and when they started?
Sable:  I have always been interested in the supernatural. It’s considered normal where I’m from. New Orleans is a supernatural place. I’ve said this often, but people on my street would go to mass in the morning and make a mojo bag in the afternoon.
My mother was very psychic, she always knew what I was up to – she even called me three times the night I was trying to lose my virginity – needless to say, I finally turned my phone off. Ha!
But I’m not sensitive like she was, my connection with the spirit world is only through a lens of a camera. I have gotten results – there are things that go bump in the night. I’ve seen them. But I’m not afraid of them, after all, I’ll be a ghost someday. Ha! I long to prove to myself that love exists beyond the grave. I don’t want to cease to exist, I want to live and love again and know that people I care about are never lost to me. They exist. Love exists. That brings me comfort.
Mimi:  Would you like to share what you think about when you are alone in your car?
Sable:  I plot in the car. I don’t listen to music, unlike someone I know (winks at Jess Hunter) – ha! I actually keep a digital recorder in the car and I sometimes dictate or make notes. I’m always looking for people or places to populate my books. I know – I’m boring.
Mimi:  I wouldn’t call that boring unless someone else is in the car with you. Seriously though, it sounds like many authors I know…so, you fall into a great class.
Mimi:  Have you ever wondered how people will communicate in the future and what the role of books will be? How do you want your books to be seen in a future world?
Sable:  Yes, we have discussed the future of books. The ebook, we know, is here to stay. I feel the method and delivery may continue to be refined and redefined, but ease of reading and choice will continue to escalate. I am traditionally published and self-published and I have no qualms against traditional, but we have learned so much in the self-publishing world that I feel there isn’t much that can hold us back. I have tried everything and made every mistake to be made, but I’ve learned a lot along the way.
Doors are open on every hand and opportunities exist now like no other time in history. I’m excited to be part of that movement.
Mona:  Can you tell us something about your ideal readers?
Sable:  Ideal readers are just like the wonderful group Jess and I have. We have a street team and a forum and author pages and through those venues we have met some tremendous people. These people care about us. And they tell us what they think. And when I have a new book or a free day, I only have to mention it and an army of faithful friends take up the cause and help us. They eagerly await new books and if we don’t write fast enough, they urge us on.
Mimi:  It sounds like you have loyal readers and maybe even a few friends?
Sable:  We have places to stay all over the world, I don’t think there are many countries in the world or any states of the union that we don’t have friends who would take us in if we needed help. This community is amazing and we are lucky as heck to be part of it.
Mimi:  As for your writing career, do you find that people remember you as one of your characters or for your first book? Is it hard to break away from that?
Sable:  I created the McCoys, and I get HELL YEAH! all the time on cards, posters – what have you. But that’s a good thing. To create characters that are memorable and well-loved is every author’s goal. I have often told people that if they want to know me, read my books. I am Cooper and Cady and Avery. I love to be mixed up with my heroines and I even slip Sable Hunter in the books every once in a while.
Jess did that – in one scene David is explaining to his best friend that he is in love with Jenna. Blaine thinks it is too quick – way too quick and he says, “What do you think this is, a Sable Hunter novel?”
Mimi:  <Laughing> When you saw that, what did you do?
Sable:  I cracked up.
Mona:  Can you give us an idea of five of your favorite tech gadgets and how do you integrate them into your day to day busy schedules?
JESS:  This is hilarious. Sable can’t even find her glasses. She is tech challenged.
Mona:  For those of you who don’t know, this is Sable’s friend and writing partner, Jess Hunter. So, Sable…really? Is he telling the truth?
Sable:  I have an Iphone and a laptop, and help. I need lots of help. We have two assistants and some other helpers, thank God.
Barb Caruso keeps us straight, she is a genius.
Debbie Workman helps us with scheduling and advertising.
Regina at Heartfeltpromos does a lot of good for us.
Karenne at Coffeetime takes care of our website.
And we have another writing partner, Ryan O’Leary, who helps me with many things.
Mona:  It sounds like you have all the gadgets and that may Jess is right is a teasing way…what with all the help you have. I think it’s great! And, I think you’re a lucky lady.
Mimi:  Sable, do you find it easy to include a message in your erotic books or do you struggle, asking yourself what with the message be this time?
Sable:  The message is central to my stories. I endeavor to write hope into every book. I have used issues from cancer, dyslexia, abuse, prejudice, blindness, you name it. I have received letters thanking me for making the reality of an illness or a condition obvious to others.
One of my favorite topics was the leper colony at Carville, Louisiana and how people who had been condemned there survived and loved. A love story is beautiful, a steamy scene will get your blood flowing, but a story that touches your heart and makes you laugh and cry and care about the book and the characters, that is what I strive for. I want my readers to be glad they read the book and I want the story to stick with them for a long time.
Mimi:  Hey, what absolutely sparks your interest beyond words besides writing (and reading)? What can you tell us about it?
Sable:  I love to play the slot machines. I don’t go often, because my father was a gambler and I’m afraid I have the gene, so I only go about four times a year, but I love it. Jess says when I am old he is going to take me to a parking lot with parking meters and give me a roll of quarters and tell me I’m at the casino.
Mimi:  I think me, along with your readers, are appreciating just how humorous Jess is. Is there anything else that pulls you like a lode stone?
Sable:  I also love to cook, and I cook well, Jess can attest to that.
Mona:  What songs best describes your work ethic?
Sable:  Oh my goodness. I am torn between “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work I go,” because I love what I do and “She Works Hard for Her Money” because I do. It’s both the hardest thing and the most wonderful job imaginable. And I wouldn’t trade it for being the Pope or President or Paris Hilton – ha!
Mimi:  If you could be any literary character, who would you like to be and why?
Sable:  This will sound egotistical, but I’d love to be Savannah in FORGET ME NEVER. I wrote all of my likes and dislikes into the character and I gave her the man I want – or a shadow of him. I tend to do that – I create worlds that I would love to inhabit where right prevails, love conquers all and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream.
Mimi:  How did Savannah from Forget Me Never grow from the beginning of your novel to the end, or was she a static character?
Sable:  The character – Savannah – learned that she had worth, that she was worthy of love and that she was a helluva lot stronger than she ever gave herself credit for.
Mona:  Sable, just in case anyone here doesn’t know where to find you and your books, would you please share all of your links?
Sable:  Sure! Here’s a list.
Author Page
Amazon Author Page
TWITTER – @huntersable
Mimi:  Last question. If there were to be any call to action by either of you, what action would you want the new writer to take from your experience as a writer?
Sable:  Do it. If you have talent and determination, there are opportunities. Discipline yourself and do it. Self-publishing is the wave of the future. Quality is still paramount, but authors are in the driver’s seat. We can write, publish, promote – we are the master of our destiny and the captain of our soul – ha!
Mona:  On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate me as an interviewer?  No, I’m just kidding. But, seriously, what would your answer be?
Mona:  Thank you but seriously, I was just teasing.
I just want to say thank you for spending time with us and answering these questions and for letting the readers learn something about you they might not learn on your other blog stops.

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