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sweethermagictouchSuperstitious Sable
This is one topic I could talk about all night. My family has always been superstitious. We believe in everything! My grandfather carried a little dried potato in his pocket for luck. My grandmother carried a dried buckeye. I wear a pink quartz. Some people have a lucky dime or a four leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot, which was lucky for everyone but the rabbit. But many of our beliefs and superstitions arose from the fact that we were a mix of Cajun and Creole. Both cultures have some deep-seated beliefs and I, as an amalgam, got it all.
Nana wouldn’t ever let me sleep in the moonlight. She said I would go as nutty as a fruitcake. So, if we slept outside, it was either in a tent or under a cloudy sky. And I’ve seen her come in my bedroom and just fume and fuss pulling the curtains. Of course, when I grew up and she didn’t agree with one of my decisions, she’d say, “I told you to stay outta that moonlight.” Of course, she might be right. I didn’t do much sleeping in the moonlight, but I did a lot of courtin and neckin under the stars.
Never eat both ends of a loaf of bread before you eat the middle or you’ll have trouble ‘making ends meet’. On New Year’s Day make sure you eat plenty of cabbage and black eyed peas for luck. AND this seems obvious, but if an alligator crawls under your house, this is a sign of impending death. Ha! Yea, if you stumble around outside at night, he’s gonna eat you! Of course, I have been known just to whack them on the nose hard with a stick and they back off, but I wouldn’t recommend that.
I had a Cajun boyfriend who rode the rodeo. He had some definite superstitions. He never, ever put his cowboy hat on the bed, nor would he be caught dead in a yellow shirt at the arena. If he had change in his pockets during a ride, he didn’t believe he would win. Whatever he had in his pockets was all he would take home.
While we’re at it, let me give you a little love spell – just for fun. Now this is the way we do it. Soak some rose petals in water for a couple of days and then mix in honey. You’ll want to make about a quart, cause you’re serious about this, so use a couple of handfuls of rose petals, a quart of water and a half cup of honey. Take 9 sugar cubes and scratch your initials on one side and his on the other and add these to the water mixture. Go to the home of your ‘victim’ HA! And pour the water all around his house. While you’re sneaking around, repeat things like Sable Loves Stephen, Sable Loves Stephen or Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Waters. You also must believe in what you’re saying. And when you get home, burn a pink candle with both of your names scratched in the sides. Cook a cake, too. Cause he’s coming to dinner, soon.
Cajun and Creole superstitions are just as strong today as they were hundreds of years ago. When we’re small, we’re taught about the lou-lou, the boogerman and the loup-garou, the werewolf. We’re taught these bad things will get us if we don’t behave. And if we live to grow up – we have to worry whether we’re gonna get married or not. Nana used to tell me if I ever raised my feet for her to sweep under, I’d never get married. Lord, she was right!
But our strangest superstition is the traiteur. A traiteur is a Cajun healer who heals with prayer and herbs. I have known traiteurs. They can remove warts or stop colic in a baby or take away the pain of a burn. If a woman wants to know what sex her baby is, she can go to a traiteur. A string with a jewel, like a pendant or a pendulum, is dangled above the woman’s stomach. If the charm swings back and forth, the baby is a boy. If the charm swings in a circle, it’s a girl. I have seen this work.
A traiteur can also ease the pain of a baby teething. Women take their little ones to a traiteur for a special necklace made with string. The necklace has knots tied in it which the traiteur has prayed over. You have to take the baby, let the traiteur tie the string around the baby’s neck and then leave without saying a single word. If a sound is made by the mother or the traiteur, the gris-gris will not work.
We even have superstitions about cucumbers. When you cut one, you must cut the stem end first, and then rub it against the spot it was just cut from. This is said to take the bitterness or the fever from a cucumber. I never had cucumber fever, maybe that’s why. Ha!
If your palm itches, you’re coming into money. If the right palm itches, you’re about to be reunited with an old friend. If your nose itches, some boy wants to kiss you. And if you have a ringing in your ears, somebody is talking about you.
Our men hunt a lot and hunters also have superstitions they need to know. One of the most important ones is to know about the fifolet. This is also known as swamp gas. If a hunter is out all alone and thinks they feel something following them, and they look around and find something glowing behind them. RUN!! Ha, this is the sign of an evil spirit. There’s a famous light south of me that I have seen, it’s called the Saratoga light and I’m going soon and try to film it for our Halloween event.
But right now, I’d like to introduce you to a traiteur – Cady Renaud in HER MAGIC TOUCH is a healer. She heals Joseph McCoy and becomes his guardian angel, the love of his life. This is from my new sweeter version:
Here’s the link:
Let’s see.
Joseph, apparently, wasn’t in a giving up mood. As Cady gathered her oils and herbs and more towels, he resumed his campaign. “Okay, so we won’t involve Libby and Jessie for now. Will you just do something for me, just to see how it works out?”
What was he up to now? And why did he seem to care so much? Was this some kind of a game he was playing? Perhaps he thought if he worried about her problems enough, he wouldn’t be spending so much time worrying about his own. So be it. He could do what he wanted, but that didn’t mean she had to play along. So, she ignored him for the moment. Cady warmed the oil in her hands. “I’m going to give all of your muscles a work out. Your back muscles, arm muscles…everything has been under a strain trying to deal with the extra burden they’ve been called upon to bear. I will warn you that it is normal for you to begin to experience pain. And don’t be dismayed, that’s a really good sign. It means your nerve endings are beginning to awaken. There are things we can do for the pain when it begins, so let’s hope it does.” Steeling herself against the pleasure, she began to massage his back and shoulders. ‘Oh, God,’ she groaned inwardly as she let herself enjoy his body beneath her fingertips. Touching him was a heady delight, indeed. Fighting the urge to add her lips to the mix, she decided talking about her own problems was far less dangerous. “What would you have me do? To help my appearance, I mean…” she stuttered at the prospect.
“Just a minute,” Joseph moaned. “This feels so goddamn good! You are incredible, Baby.” The endearment he had used so often just slipped out. Hell, he didn’t care. She had magic hands. He had no idea his muscles were so tight and sore. Damn! If he could get an erection, he wouldn’t last five minutes without climaxing from just a simple caress from this extraordinary woman. “God Almighty!” He just lay there and reveled in her touch. After a few moments, he was able to talk—barely. “There are several things we could do. But, let’s start with something simple. Would you let your hair down for me? Would you let me see it unbound?”
His request surprised her. “You’ll only be disappointed. My hair is long and healthy, but totally ordinary.”
Working just below his waist, very near the injury, she began to focus on a healing touch. It pleased Cady when her touch brought groans of delight to his lips.
“Yeah, that’s it. I hadn’t realized how much I needed this.”
She worked her way back up his back.
“So, will you do it?”
She was so absorbed in her pleasurable task that his question took her by surprise. Shoot. Why not? “Sure, if that’s what you want. When we get through and I get the oil off my hands, I’ll take it down for you. I don’t know why you’d want to see me like that. It’s not going to help my looks.”
“Let me be the judge of that.” God, he felt good. For the first time since the accident, he was truly relaxed. He felt her move lower on his back. She finally reached a point where he could not feel as much, then nothing. This deadness drove an arrow into his soul.
Cady knew when the change came in his mood. She could feel it. He could no longer feel her hands and it bothered him. Trying to alleviate some of his anxiety, she explained. “It is just as important for me to work these muscles—more important even. I think you’ll find that you begin to have a minute amount of sensation after a few sessions. And if you do, we’ll know there’s hope. Okay?” He nodded and allowed her to work on his body. When she asked for him to roll over, she moved the lift closer and aided him in the task.
‘Great,’ she thought. Now, he would be able to see her drooling over him. Cady began at his neck and tried not to look at his face. Moving on to his deltoids, she tried to view him as an anatomical doll, not a flesh and blood man she would love to eat with a spoon. Rubbing his chest was an unrivaled erotic treat and when his nipples hardened beneath her fingertips, she gasped with awe. Never had the giving of a massage affected her like this. God, the authorities ought to strip her of her license. Her breasts began to swell, nipples hardening with excitement. She could almost cry from the need to be touched. Cady could feel her womanhood throb and a trickle of moisture run down her thigh. Could he smell it? God, she hoped not. She’d just as soon not expire from humiliation today.
But, he knew. He was too experienced of a man not to recognize when a woman was sexually stimulated. “I’m not the only one turned on, I see.” Embarrassed, she followed his gaze and saw that her nipples were so big they showed clearly through the rough material of her jumper. Obviously, she was totally aroused. Humiliated, she jerked away from him, needing to put distance between them, for her sake. This had never happened to her, before. But, she had never had the privilege of touching Joseph McCoy before, either. “I can’t help it.” She didn’t even bother denying it. “I’ll get used to touching you,” she assured him. “It’s a simple involuntary response.” She would have covered her breasts with her hands, but they were covered with oil, so she just stood there in front of him, head hung and nipples poking out like she was standing in freezing water. “Let’s try to finish, shall we?” She bit the inside of her cheek hard, then she bit her tongue and soon there were tears of frustration and pain sliding down her cheeks.
“Hey, hey, what are you crying for?” Joseph was totally amazed and dismayed. Had he made her cry? Ashamed, he realized that all he had done since she arrived was give her a hard time and heap humiliation upon her head. Of course, he had made her cry. She should turn her back on him and walk out. No one deserved to be treated the way he had treated her.
“I bit my tongue,” she whispered.
Joseph had an overwhelming urge to kiss her tears away. In fact, it was all he could do to keep from taking his arms and drawing her down and cuddling her close. “I’m sorry, Cady.” How many times had he apologized already? Her hands were never still. They soothed his abdomen, then skipped his man-parts and traveled down to the sensationless area of his thighs and legs.
“Don’t be,” she spoke softly. “Let’s make a deal.” If she didn’t feel this overwhelming responsibility for him, she might try to preserve her sanity and back out of the job before she lost her heart and soul. But the wheels of destiny had begun their long, slow grind, and she knew she had to either roll with them or get thrown under the cart and crushed. She did feel responsible for Joseph. Never before had she doubted her aunt and grandmother’s predictions, but this time they totally misread the future. The strange dreams were just that, dreams. Her dream, not his.
“What kind of deal?” He looked at her curiously.
“Let’s try to be friends. I’ll do my very best to help you, and in exchange, you can make suggestions and see if you can change me from an ugly duckling into a swan. I don’t think you’ll be successful, but I’m willing to give it a try.” Why was she doing this to herself? It would only end in heartache, but for some unexplainable reason, she was compelled to see it through.
“Sounds good to me.” He looked entirely too self-satisfied for Cady’s peace of mind. “I can always use a friend. And as far as your make-over, this is going to be fun, I promise.”
Cady wished she felt as confident. After the massage, she lit a couple of candles and helped him turn over once more. “I’m about to lay hands on you now, and apply some healing herbs. This is part of my traiture training. You should feel heat coming from my hands. And if we’re successful, in a few days there should be pain.” Arranging him, Cady let her mind slip into a place where she could access the healing powers of the universe. Adding pressure to her touch, she envisioned a warm blue light enveloped them both. She prayed for sensation to flow back into his body, for his nerves to heal and knit, for his spinal cord to begin to do what it should, and for God to give this man back the future he deserved. She concentrated. She envisioned. She worked with absolute faith and focused intent. Cady demanded results and would not accept anything less. That’s how the universe works. We can make and shape our reality, if we have faith enough to create it.
As she worked on Joseph, it hit her. A great revelation. That was what was missing from her life. She had never approached her own shortcomings with any degree of faith that she could change them. Stunned, Cady realized she had never used her own magick on herself. Huh!?! It was time for a change. Excited, she couldn’t wait to get time to herself to think this thing through. But, Joseph came first—always. “Okay, I’ll let you rest now. How do you feel?”
Joseph seemed to be almost asleep. He opened his eyes and narrowed them as if analyzing his body’s sensations. “I feel really good, like a big pile of goo.”
“Great! How about below the waist?” She held her breath, hoping he would have a glimmer of feeling. She had poured her heart and soul into the treatment.
Joseph pushed up on his arms, the muscles of his back rippling in the process. Cady had to refrain from licking her lips. God, this ordeal was going to kill her. “That’s strange,” Joseph began with a disbelieving tone in his voice. “I feel heat. I don’t think it’s my imagination. I haven’t felt anything there in so long; it’s hard to be sure.”
Cady was relieved. “Good. That’s exactly what you’re supposed to feel. I’d say our first foray into bringing back the super stud of Texas is right on track.” Her voice was happy and she couldn’t hide it. “Don’t you want to get up now? Lying on that table isn’t good for you.” He let her help him. “You’re really getting the hang of the Hoyer lift. Soon, you’ll be pouncing out off this thing.”
“God, I hope so. You make it sound plausible. I have to admit you’ve got my hopes up.” Once he was in the chair, he turned and looked at Cady intently. “You’re flushed from the exertion and your eyes are shining bright. Go take your hair down for me, Cady.”
Joseph’s words curled around Cady’s heart like a wisp of smoke on a cool autumn evening, welcome and mysterious. “All right. You’ll be disappointed, though.” She shook her head. That was not the attitude she should have. She needed to learn how to be positive. After all, disbelief was always a killer of dreams. Okay, let’s see what she could do. Going to the bathroom, she took off her glasses and reached in the back for her braid. Slowly, she freed her hair from its binding, letting the long thick curls bounce free and untethered. She had a lot of hair. Too much hair. It hung in abundant, lush waves to the top of her butt. Before going to face the music, Cady tried a little of her own medicine. She placed a hand on each of her cheeks and lifted her plea to the universe. “Make me beautiful, just for a few minutes, in his sight, make me beautiful.” Opening her own eyes, she gazed in the mirror. Well, at least she wouldn’t make small children go running to their mothers screaming, but she was nothing to write home about. Oh, well. Some spells took more time than others.
“Cady…” he called. “I’m getting grey out here.”
Giggling, she came out of the bathroom. Joseph could be likeable when he wanted to be. He was much closer than she anticipated and she almost fell in his lap. Her hair swung over her shoulder and she laughed at her clumsiness. “See, I told you.”
Joseph held his breath. Wow. Was this for real? Had he ever really looked at her before? “Cady, Baby, aren’t you sweet.” And she was. She had absolutely beautiful hair and without her glasses, her face could never be called plain. “Come here.” He held out his hand to her, and she walked to him slowly, placing her hand in his. Joseph was stunned by the electric attraction he felt for her. God, if only he was still a man, he would give her an experience she would never forget. Tugging on her arm, he began to pull her closer. He had an overwhelming urge to kiss her. Absolutely overwhelming
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