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Be Careful What you Ask For...

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I love Valentine’s Day and I have some great memories of times gone by when I had a special someone to share them with. Let me tell you about the day that I got exactly what I asked for . . . . . .

I haven’t always been an author – NO! Before I ventured into the world of steamy romance, I worked in at an engineering firm in their financial office. Cubicles give me the hives, but back then I was used to it. Office relationships are always strange, but I was one of the few women managers and I was always conscious of appearing professional. One Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t so lucky.

In my group, there was one older woman secretary that I admired. She had been married several times and each time she had married ‘up’. After each divorce, she had acquired more and more gold, it seemed. Laura dressed to the nines! And dripped jewelry – big jewelry – hunky gold bangles and chunky gold necklaces. I was fresh out of college and hadn’t had a boyfriend long and my jewelry was sparse and most of it I had bought myself.

Big jewelry was not all that Laura received – she also got big flowers. Her boyfriend or 4th husband, or whatever would send her bouquets. And these bouquets weren’t your normal carnations or rosebuds like I received from Heath – oh no. She was gifted with flamboyant sprays of birds of paradise and Asiatic lilies, calla lilies – peonies – heck, I don’t know – I just knew they were big. I would look at my heartfelt little pots of carnations then over at Laura’s magnificent posies and be green with envy.

I wanted big flowers.

So, I went home and made a mistake.

Now, before I tell you what I did – let’s talk about reality. Men forget things – birthdays, anniversaries – heck, they don’t ever forget sex – but sometimes they forget romance. We women love romance. We want flowers and chocolates and jewelry, things to let us know that we are important to our men. But if you have to tell them or remind them, it sort of negates the significance of the gift, unless it is just the gift you’re after. Normally – I’m not after the gift. I’m after the thought – you’ve heard that – it’s the thought that counts.

But this time, I told Heath about the big flowers.  He listened. I described them, holding my arms out to show him their expanse. When I got through, he said – “That’s sounds good, Baby.” And kissed me on the head.

End of story.

I thought.

Now Valentine’s Day came and – my, o my – did things begin to hop. The guards in the lobby played February Santa Claus, they let in the florist delivery trucks and made the phone calls. One by one, all the secretaries would get a call, they would squeal and head for the elevators to go down and see what their beaus or husbands had sent them on this day when they would show their love where all could see. I walked around and saw bouquets of dozens of roses – red, pink, fuchsia. Laura had gone one better, she had roses this time, too – four dozen and there was a pair of diamond earrings affixed to the card. The smells were heady and the atmosphere was festive. Only those who had not been remembered had reason to be subdued.

Like me.

I kept waiting for the call. I tried not to show it, but several of the others asked what Heath was giving me for Valentine’s. I remembered being picky and persnickety and figured that I would be getting what the little boy shot at – nothing.

But I was wrong.

My phone rang and the guard said, “Ms. Hunter,” pause – pause – snicker – snicker.

“What?” I wondered.

Another snicker. “Ms. Hunter, you have a delivery down here.” I was about to put the phone down. “Better bring help” Snicker.

What could he have meant by that?

I took off, my excitement was palatable. Heath had sent me something for Valentine’s Day! The elevator was so slow! When I reached the bottom, I almost ran the rest of the way – round the corner – across the wide marble floor. I scanned the top of the reception counter – it was full of beautiful vases of flowers and baskets filled with candy and teddy bears. There were even balloon bouquets affixed to packages from Victoria’s Secret. With excitement I ran up and began to look at the cards, trying to determine which gorgeous gift was mine.

“Over here, Ms. Hunter.” I heard the voice, and I could tell they were laughing. At me. I turned and looked to where he was pointing and then – I saw it. Heath! I didn’t know whether to sit down and laugh or call him up and propose. For there – standing – STANDING – before me was a tremendous – ly – large SPRAY of orchids. And by spray, I don’t mean a limb or stem full of orchids. Oh no. My Heath had sent me something entirely different.

I don’t know how many of you have gone to funerals, but you all know what a funeral spray is – its on a stand. The flowers are about four foot tall. My Valentine’s gift consisted of a horseshoe covered with orchids – dozens of orchids. There was a banner across the spray, the same size that Miss America would wear, and it proclaimed, “I LOVE YOU, SABLE.”

I walked up to it, carefully – after all, it was very large. I had seen horseshoe shaped wreaths like this – at horseraces – around the necks of the equine winners. But despite its unusual shape and wire stand that it was anchored to – it was incredible. I was impressed. I was in love. I tried to pick it up and tote it, but I’m little. Just like the guard said, I had to get help to wag the great arrangement to the elevator and back up to the 13th floor.

But, I did learn a lesson. I learned not to make specific requests concerning my surprises.

After all, I might get exactly what I asked for.



I wrote this into my book, BADASS. But there’s another scene that you might enjoy – its raunchy – so, you’ve been warned – but it’s also sweet and loving. And here – Jacob and Jessie give one another a special gift. It’s not Big Flowers – but it’s big in lots of other ways. HAHA!  By the way – this book is free on Amazon – right now! It’s part of my Hell Yeah! series – all seven of them!
Here is an excerpt from HOT ON HER TRAIL which is free RIGHT NOW ON AMAZON – Click here

Jessie was awed by the beauty of the Driskill Hotel. She had never been inside of it, but anyone who lived in Austin knew that it was beyond compare. As Jacob checked them in, Jessie hung back, almost afraid that someone would ask her to leave.

Jacob had thought of everything. In addition to her clothing, he had presented her with a beautiful set of luggage and every kind of feminine lotion and potion he could think of. She was definitely overwhelmed. Soothing her hands down over the beautiful dress, she noticed that her baby bump was definitely bigger and fairly obvious in what she had on. She had borrowed Libby’s curling iron and her hair hung in ringlets to the middle of her back. But seeing the fancy dressed women who were coming and going in the elegant lobby, Jessie was afraid that, despite the beautiful clothes, she stuck out like a sore thumb.

Jacob caught her by the hand and whisked her to the elevator. “We’re in the Heritage Suite; you’re going to love it.” Five other people boarded the elevator with them, but Jacob drew her into the circle of his arms and hugged her close. “What’s next on your list, baby - doll?”

Jessie could feel the heat rising up her body. If they hadn’t had an audience, she would have turned to him and climbed him like a telephone pole. Her sex began to tingle in anticipation of what they would do when they were alone.

When the doors opened at their floor, Jacob kissed her hand and led her down the hall. Opening the door, Jessie was struck by the luxury of the hardwood floors and soaring ceiling. There was a cozy fireplace and ornate French doors that opened onto a balcony. A drapery of fine fabrics framed the lush, king size bed and the bathroom included a full Jacuzzi bathtub for two with a large stained-glass window and a marble shower with a private steam room. Their luggage had arrived ahead of them and there was a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket of ice.

Jacob was dressed all in black, and looked sexier than any man had a right to. “It’s time,” he growled as he began walking toward her. Even though she was tingling from head to foot with sexual anticipation, she began backing up. His sensuality was simply overpowering. “I love that dress, but it’s got to go.” Catching her to him, he picked it up by the hem and whisked it off. Leaving her standing in the skimpiest black lace bra and matching panties that she had ever owned. “Dear God in Heaven,” he muttered. “I am the luckiest son-of-a-bitch in the world.”

“No, Jacob,” she countered. “I’m the lucky one. There’s no way in the world this can be real. I’m dreaming. I must still be back in my bed at the McCay’s. All of this has to be a fantasy. Women like me aren’t meant to be in places like this with a man like you.” Jessie was sincere. “I can’t believe you want me.”

Jacob enveloped her in the cocoon of his arms. “Sweetheart, I’m turned on just watching you breathe,” he shut his eyes - the anticipation nearly killing him.

Jessie pulled him down for a kiss, straddling one of his legs in an effort to get closer. He raised his knee enough so that her pussy rested firmly on his firm thigh muscle. God, it felt so good.

Jacob let one hand slide from her breast down to fondle her bottom. Damn! He never wanted to forget this sensation; the thin little scrap of lace that passed for panties was no barrier between her puffed up clit and the steel hard muscle of his thigh. It was an exquisite feeling. Raining kisses on her face, he traced the lacy patterns with his tongue. “Do you like that, baby? That’s it. Ride me, angel,” he urged her on.

Jessie didn’t need more encouragement. In her frenzy, she hooked one foot behind his knee and sought to bring even more pressure against her sex. Gasps of excitement slipped through her lips and on impulse, she let her lips find the smooth skin of his neck and she bit down, longing to connect with him on every level possible.

Jacob was in heaven. This beautiful creature was taking her pleasure on his body like she was born for it.

Bearing down, Jessie let the incredible friction swamp her senses. Holding on to his wide shoulders, she set a heady rhythm. “Hmmmm, this feels so good,” she moaned. Already, she could feel her cream start to flow. “I’m going to get your leg wet,” she started to pull away.

“Do you think I care?” he chided her. “Baby, I could make a meal out of you. The wetter you get, the bigger my head swells – both of them,” he gritted his teeth. With one hand wrapped around her back and the other steadying her gyrating little bottom, Jacob watched in wonder as her eyes glazed over with ecstasy. “That’s it, Jess. Make yourself come on my leg. I love to give you pleasure, baby.”

“Jacob, I can’t believe I’m doing this!” she exclaimed as her body began to tremble in his arms. Little whimpers of excitement escaped her lips as she ground her vagina against his leg. It didn’t take long for the shaking to start. Jacob hugged her close as she bucked and screamed. “Hold me, Jacob. Hold me,” she begged. “Never let me go.” There it was again. Jacob adored the fact that she begged for the shelter of his arms. He held her tight as she shuddered convulsively against him.

“I’ve got you, doll. I’ve got you,” he promised. The only thing that could make it better was if he could sink his steel rod deep within her honeyed depths. “Don’t hold back, treasure. Make yourself feel good. My cock’s so ready for you that if you looked at him crooked, he’d shoot off like Fourth of July fireworks.”

That was all it took. Despite the earth-shattering orgasm, she couldn’t wait to have him inside of her. “Take me.”

She held her arms up to him, and he picked he up. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to the bathroom. “I hope having sex while standing up is one of your fantasies?” Not waiting for her reply, he shed his clothes and stood before her with his proud cock locked and loaded.

With trembling fingers she unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties. “Oh, yes. And up against the shower wall is even higher on the list,” she admitted.

He adjusted the temp and pulled her under the spray. Without any preamble he began to worship at her breast. “You are so soft,” he whispered, as he ran his hands over her breasts, pushing them together and tonguing her nipples into diamond hard peaks.

Jessie held on to his shoulders, as he lifted her up so that her breasts were level with his mouth. “Wrap your legs around me,” he ordered her as he continued his decadent feast.

“Put him in, Jacob. I’m on fire,” she begged.

“Hold on to the top of the stall, baby.” Mindlessly, she did as he asked. Over his shoulder, she saw that one entire wall was a mirror and their reflections were startling in their erotic clarity. Hypnotized, she watched as he plunged into her. A gasp of absolute relief and ecstasy escaped from her lips. His cock was so thick that she felt as if he were going to ream her in half. The pleasure was exquisite. But, what had her completely and utterly fascinated was how Jacob looked from the back as he pinned her to the wall, again and again. He was absolutely divine. She couldn’t take her eyes off his powerful legs, as he kept one slightly behind the other in order to give himself leverage to push inside of her. And his butt was perfect! She watched it clinch and pump, thrusting forward as he plumbed her aching vagina. The sight of their passion, coupled with the incredible sensation of his cock surging into and out of her pussy, pushed her over the edge. Over and over again, her vagina contracted. Jessie reeled as every sensation was magnified a thousand fold. “Jacob! I love you. I love you. I love you.”

Her words - so welcome, so blessed, so unexpected catapulted Jacob into the most powerful orgasm of his life. Each time he rammed into her honeyed depths, he felt like he was coming home.

Jacob’s whole body trembled in her arms. He still held her high and lifted up, and she could still feel his manhood throbbing with release deep within her. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Squeezing her eyes shut, Jessie was horrified that she blurted out her feelings. She just screamed her love for him. Out loud. Never had she intended to burden Jacob with unwanted declarations of love. She expected for him to put her down, but he didn’t. Instead he strode out of the bathroom, dripping water, until he came to the bed. Laying her down, he walked back to the bathroom and returned with two oversized bath towels. She reached for one, but he held it out of her reach, away from her. “Uh-uh - this is my rodeo, baby.” Gently, he dried her off; paying special attention to her tender places. As he did, he studied her face - his expression baffled Jessie. If she had to put a name to it - it would be - adoration. His eyes were warm and intense; he never took his gaze off of her. A big smile lit up his whole face - Jessie didn’t know what to think. After he was satisfied that they were both dry, he laid down beside her and propped his head up on one strong hand. His big body completely overshadowed her, making her feel small, warm and protected
“Okay, lamb-chop. Now, that we’re not in the throes of passion, would you care to repeat what you told me earlier?” Jacob was so afraid that what she said had been borne more of sexual satisfaction and less of heartfelt emotion. He held his breath, waiting to hear what the verdict would be. Did she love him? And what would he do if she didn’t?

Jessie groaned. She turned her head away from him, embarrassed to look him in the face. Jacob’s heart sank. “You didn’t mean it, Jess? You don’t love me?”

Jessie debated with herself. This was an opportunity to save face. She could tell him that it was just the sex talking, or she could own up to the greatest truth of her life. A turmoil of emotion swept over her, but when she faced Jacob, the uncertainty on his face melted all her reservations. “I love you,” she said simply. His grip on her arm tightened, and something flared in his eyes. She didn’t dare try to analyze his expression. She didn’t want to hear his gentle letdown. Cupping her palm over his mouth, she staunched his flow of words. “Let me finish,” she insisted. Unable to stay still, she was up and off the bed and on the opposite side from him before he could stop her.

“Don’t leave me.”

“I need to say this, and I can’t look at you or touch you while I say it,“ Jessie began to pace.

Realizing she was naked, she picked up the black dress off the floor and pulled it over her head. “I love you,” she repeated herself. “I love you more than I ever knew I was capable of loving anyone. My life hasn’t been full of affection - my father, who truly loved me, died when I was very young. I was a major disappointment to my mother, and she never let me forget it - she withheld her affection because of it. Circumstances of my life and my own personal failings have kept love from me - but then, the miracle of our baby and you came along and changed all that.”

Jacob was on pins and needles. As much as he wanted to hear her say that she loved him, he didn’t want her to love him just because he might be the father of her baby. He remembered that she had expressed that same fear - and he had dismissed her feelings as irrelevant. Now, he knew better.

Jessie stopped pacing and hugged herself tightly - she always did this when she felt lonely or overwhelmed. Basically, she hugged herself because she wasn’t used to anyone else being there to do it for her. Until Jacob. Taking a deep breath, she faced him - but she forced herself to look over his head, she couldn’t look him in the eye. “I love you,” she repeated. “But I had no right to just blurt it out like that.”

He got up off the bed. She heard him putting on his pants, the belt buckle clanked against the snaps on his blue jeans. Was he leaving? Had she scared him off completely? Then, she heard him walking across the floor toward her. Every cell of her body was in the flight mode; her feet could scarcely stay still. Before he reached her, she turned away and let the rest of her feelings tumble out. “I give it to you as a gift, with no strings attached and no expectations for it to be returned.” There. She said it.

It was quiet in the room.

Jessie froze. Where was he?

Why wasn’t he saying anything?

“Jessie?” She steeled her spine. He was right behind her. “Turn around, baby.”

Slowly, she turned. God. He was on his knees at her feet. “Jessie, sweetheart. I love you. I adore you. I worship the ground that you walk on.” He grasped both of her hands in his and he kissed each palm. “And like you, I don’t want to be loved just for our baby’s sake. I want to be loved for me.”

Wrapping her arms around him, Jessie lavished him with love and kisses. “You are loved. For you. I love our child. I want our child. But, you - you are more important to me than anything.” She punctuated each word with a kiss.

Laughing, Jacob finally got her settled down enough to kiss her properly. “You have made me so happy, baby. Will you marry me, Jessie? I know we haven’t known each other but a few days - but I know all I need to know to recognize that you’re the love of my life. My heart recognized you from the moment I saw you in the barn - my bare-naked angel.”

“How can you say that, Jacob” She knelt with him. He held her hands, weaving their fingers together. “You do realize that compared to you, I’m a nobody. I worked as a maid, Jacob. I cleaned offices and bathrooms for a living.”

Softly, he placed his lips to hers. “Hush, sweetness. You’re perfect. There’s one job that you do - and you do it very well. In fact you’re the only person in the world that’s qualified to do it.”

Jessie kissed his cheek. He was the sweetest man in the entire world. And he was hers? “What job is that, Jacob?”

“You make me happy,” he whispered to her. “You’re the only person in the world that can make me perfectly, outrageously happy.” Cuddling her up to him, he reminded her. “I asked you a question? Are you going to marry me, Jess? Will you be my wife?”

Thank you for reading.

Sable Hunter


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